Recently published titles:

  • Real World Macro, 34th edition
    Edited by Alejandro Reuss, Luis Rosero, Bryan Snyder, Chris Sturr, and the D&S Collective. June 2017.
  • Real World Micro, 24th edition
    Edited by Rob Larson, Alejandro Reuss, Bryan Snyder, Chris Sturr, and the D&S Collective. June 2017.
  • Current Economic Issues, 20th edition
    Edited by James M. Cypher, Rob Larson, Alejandro Reuss, Chris Sturr, and the D&S Collective. December 2016.
  • Real World Globalization, 15th edition
    Edited by Jawied Nawabi, Alejandro Reuss, Chris Sturr, and the D&S Collective. December 2016.
  • Introduction to Political Economy, 8th edition
    By Charles Sackrey, Geoffrey Schneider, and Janet Knoedler. July 2016.


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Dollars & Sense publishes textbooks and anthologies that present accessible analysis of current issues, placing academic theories in their real-world context, questioning the assumptions of mainstream economics, and empowering people to think about alternatives to the prevailing system.

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“As textbooks become more conservative and less topical, I find that Dollars & Sense readers are more useful than ever in my undergraduate classes. They are jargon-free, up-to-date, and inexpensive--as well as consistently and thoughtfully progressive. I recommend them highly.”
   —ROBIN HAHNEL, American University

“I have been using Dollars & Sense publications for nearly 20 years. I find them absolutely necessary for students to understand progressive, critical, real-world perspectives that are sorely absent from mainstream texts and readers. These magnificently clear and relevant articles open many students’ eyes and cause others to reexamine their adopted views.”
   —GEORGE JOUGANATOS, California State University–Sacramento

  • book cover Microeconomics: Individual Choice in Communities, 2nd edition, August 2015. ISBN 978-1-939402-17-2, $64.95 (363 pp.).

    Microeconomics: Individual Choice in Communities, by Gerald Friedman (professor of economics, UMass-Amherst), is a different kind of micro textbook, laying out “micro-foundations for an alternative economics, closer to the vision of the classical economists and others who saw economics as a social science.” It opens up a whole new world of issues central to real-world economies: trust and reciprocity, the social formation of preferences, market power, efficiency wages and labor discipline, asymmetric information and uncertainty, public goods and collective action.

  • book cover Our Economic Well-Being, April 2017 ISBN 978-1-939402-29-5, $24.95 (192 pp.).

    In Our Economic Well-Being, the Dollars & Sense collective responds to questions about the economy from the congregation of a United Methodist Church in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

  • book cover Real World Micro, 24th edition, June 2017. ISBN 978-1-939402-31-8, $36.95 (320 pp.).

    Standard microeconomics textbooks depict a tidy world of free markets producing the best outcomes for everyone. Real World Micro confronts neoclassical theory with a messier reality in which disparities of wealth, power, and organization shape the economy, and benefit some groups at others’ expense.

    Editors: Rob Larson, Alejandro Reuss, Bryan Snyder, Chris Sturr, and the D&S Collective.

  • Real World Macro cover image Real World Macro, 34th edition, June 2017. ISBN 978-1-939402-30-1, $36.95 (320 pp.).

    Our perennial bestseller asks the questions that standard textbooks largely neglect: What’s so great about growth? Is unemployment natural? Who decides stock prices? Real World Macro addresses timely topics such as unemployment, inflation, deficits, tax policy, the Federal Reserve, savings, and poverty.

    Editors: Alejandro Reuss, Luis Rosero, Bryan Snyder, Chris Sturr, and the D&S Collective.

  • book coverThe Wealth Inequality Reader, 4th edition, December 2012. ISBN: 978-1-939402-00-4, $35.95.

    The Wealth Inequality Reader explores the hidden realities of wealth stratification, its causes and consequences, and possible strategies for change. The 4th edition features the latest statistics on wealth and poverty in the U.S. and globally, and analysis of the role of wealth inequality in the current economic crisis.

    Editors: Linda Pinkow, Sam Pizzigati, and the Dollars & Sense Collective, with a new preface by Chuck Collins.

  • book coverThe Economics of the Environment, 3rd edition, June 2015. ISBN: 978-1-939402-15-8, $34.95.

    The Economics of the Environment is a lively, thought-provoking supplement designed for courses in environmental or resource economics. This new anthology tackles the issues of environmental destruction and resource depletion that mainstream economics—and mainstream texts—fail to address adequately.

    Editors: Alejandro Reuss, Bryan Snyder, Chris Sturr, and the Dollars & Sense Collective.

  • book coverCurrent Economic Issues, 20th edition, December 2016. ISBN 978-1-939402-27-1, $34.95 (230 pp.).

    This lively anthology covers key controversies about the U.S. and world economies today—the causes of ongoing economic stagnation, fiscal policy and deficits, financial speculation and economic instability, the social-welfare state, environmental protection, labor and unions, and economic inequality. Includes new chapters on migration and on corporate power.

    Editors: James Cypher, Rob Larson, Alejandro Reuss, Chris Sturr, and the D&S Collective.

  • book cover Real World Globalization, 15th edition, December 2016. ISBN 978-1-939402-28-8, $35.95 (330 pp.).

    Real World Globalization is an accessible, jargon-free introduction to international trade and investment, finance, international institutions, labor in the global economy, migration, economic development, and the global environment.

    Editors: Jawied Nawabi, Alejandro Reuss, Chris Sturr, and the D&S Collective.

  • book cover Labor and the Global Economy, by Alejandro Reuss.
    January 2013. ISBN 978-1-939402-02-8, $35.95 (195 pp.).

    Labor and the Global Economy is a concise text on the essentials of labor, globalization, international trade and investment, economic development, and challenges to the current "globalization from above." An ideal companion to the classic D&S anthology, Real World Globalization.

  • cover of America Beyond CapitalismAmerica Beyond Capitalism, by Gar Alperovitz.
    Revised and updated edition, November 2011. ISBN 978-0-9847857-0-4, $16.95 (370 pp.).

    As discontent with the economic and political status quo mounts in the wake of the “Great Recession”, America Beyond Capitalism is a book whose time has come. Alperovitz marshals years of research into emerging “new economy” strategies to present a comprehensive picture of practical bottom-up efforts currently underway in thousands of communities across the United States.

  • book cover Unlevel Playing Fields: Understanding Wage Inequality and Discrimination, by Randy Albelda and Robert Drago. 4th edition, August 2013. ISBN 978-1-939402-05-9, $36.95 (193 pp.).

    Unlevel Playing Fields explores the persistence of labor-market inequality and discrimination against black people and women, by presenting two contrasting economic theories—neoclassical and political economy—and showing how each theory explains inequality in wages, employment levels, and the distribution of jobs. The thoroughly updated third edition features more than 50 years of employment trends and data. Each chapter includes discussion questions and suggestions for further reading. A thorough, accessible introduction to labor-market theory.

  • book coverReal World Labor, 3rd edition, June 2016. ISBN: 978-1-939402-25-7, $34.95 (400 pp.).

    In this time of rapid economic change, the power of organized labor seems to be in decline. But new organizing strategies are emerging to challenge corporate power and the globalization of capital. The 3rd edition of Real World Labor examines the most pressing issues facing workers and unions today.

  • book cover The Economic Crisis Reader, 2nd edition, November 2010. ISBN 978-1-878585-84-4, $34.95 (411 pp.).

    The second edition of The Economic Crisis Reader features the latest news and analysis of the causes, consequences, and possible ways out of the ongoing economic crisis, including the financial meltdown, Fed policy, stimulus and deficits, housing, unemployment, global dimensions, and much more. Editors: Gerald Friedman, Fred Moseley, Chris Sturr, and the D&S Collective.

  • book coverReal World Banking & Finance, 7th edition, November 2013. ISBN 978-1-939402-10-3, $34.95 (288 pp.).

    This clearly-written anthology helps students grasp the basics of money and monetary policy, the banking and finance industry, and financial markets, while also covering the burning issues of the global financial crisis, mortgages and other consumer-debt issues, pensions and Social Security, and proposals for reform and alternative institutions. Editors: Doug Orr, Alejandro Reuss, Chris Sturr, Marty Wolfson, and the D&S Collective.

  • cover of Intro to Political EconomyIntroduction to Political Economy, by Charles Sackrey, Geoffrey Schneider, and Janet Knoedler.
    8th edition, July 2016. ISBN 978-1-939402-26-4, $36.95 (300 pp.).

    Introduction to Political Economy presents the history of economic thought through the work of the most influential economists of modern times, including Smith, Marx, Veblen, Keynes, Galbraith, and others. The new edition is thoroughly revised and updated with real-world examples of how these theories are related to current economic issues.

  • book coverReal World Latin America, 2nd edition, November 2013. ISBN: 978-1-939402-11-0, $35.95 (313 pp.).

    A thorough introduction to the political and economic realities of Latin American today, drawn from the pages of Dollars & Sense and the acclaimed NACLA Report on the Americas. The articles in this all-new anthology cover the shifts in economic policy region-wide, Latin American countries' varied relationships to the global economy, the dilemmas of economic development and environmental sustainability, power and conflict both within and between countries, and the past, present, and future of resistance and rebellion.

  • book coverStriking a Balance, January 2007. ISBN: 978-1-878585-62-2, $18.95 (182 pp.).

    Economist Robert Drago analyzes relevant research from a range of academic disciplines, including findings from his own studies, to construct a unique vision of the meaning of work-life balance. Striking a Balance: Work, Family, Life examines the deeply held but unexamined beliefs about work, womanhood, and society that are responsible for our out-of-balance lives.

    Foreword by Juliet Schor, author of The Overworked American: The Unexpected Decline of Leisure.

  • book coverGrassroots Journalism, 2nd edition, January 2007. ISBN: 978-1-878585-63-9, $29.95 (161 pp.).

    Grassroots Journalism is the essential handbook for a new kind of community journalism that shows people how actively engaging in public issues can make a difference in the quality of their own lives—and the world. The book is full of real-world examples where grassroots journalism worked—and resulted in positive change. Chapters cover the nuts and bolts of writing grassroots news articles, how to make sure your articles are read, and how the mainstream media suppress stories that challenge the status quo. This book is an indispensable guidebook for journalists, journalism students, and citizen activists.