Current Economic Issues

Edited by James M. Cypher, Robert Larson, Chris Sturr, and the Dollars & Sense collective

current economic issues cover
Date of publication:
December 2018

  • Chapter 1—From Crisis to Stagnation to Recovery?
    • 1.1. Donald in Wonderland: Praise for the Trump Economy Gets Curiouser and Curiouser John Miller
    • 1.2 What Is Happening with Unemployment? Gerald Friedman
    • 1.3 "Secular Stagnation" Persists John Miller
    • 1.4 Growing Together, Flying Apart: Regional Disparities in the U.S. Economy Gerald Friedman
    • 1.5 Trump and the Infrastructure of Fascism Gerald Epstein
  • Chapter 2—Fiscal Policy
    • 2.1 Fake Tax News John Miller
    • 2.2 The Great Tax-Cut Experiment Gerald Friedman
    • 2.3 State Millionaires' Taxes Do Work John Miller
    • 2.4 America the Decrepit John Miller
    • 2.5 The Fiscal Crisis of the State? Gerald Friedman
  • Chapter 3—Money, Banking, and Finance
    • 3.1 The Stock Market and Class Conflict John Miller
    • 3.2 Why Is the Federal Reserve Raising Interest Rates? Arthur MacEwan
    • 3.3 Ten Years After the Financial Crisis and Our Elites Have Learned Nothing Dean Baker
    • 3.4 The Global Recovery from the Financial Crisis Gerald Friedman
    • 3.5 How Private Equity Works and Why It Matters Eileen Applebaum and Rosemary Batt
  • Chapter 4—Social Policy
    • 4.1 Social Security: Still the Most Efficient Way to Provide Retirement Income Dean Baker
    • 4.2 Dissing the Disabled John Miller
    • 4.3 Why Free Higher Ed Can’t Wait Biola Jeje and Belinda Rodriguez
    • 4.4 "Medicare for All" Could Be Cheaper Than You Think Gerald Friedman
    • 4.5 Hope for Housing in California's Equitable Economy Jane Paul
  • Chapter 5—The Environment
    • 5.1 Is Economic Growth Compatible with Ecological Sustainability? Arthur MacEwan
    • 5.2 Jobs, Justice, and the Clean Energy Future Jeremy Brecher
    • 5.3 Is Nuclear Plant Closure a Mistake? Frank Ackerman
    • 5.4 Not Just for Future Generations An Interview with James K. Boyce
    • 5.5 Mapping Environmental Injustice Klara Zwickl, James K. Boyce, and Michael Ash
  • Chapter 6—Corporations
    • 6.1 If Corporations are People, What Kind of People Are They? Geoff Schneider
    • 6.2 Hopsopoly Rob Larson
    • 6.3 The Failure of Modern Industrial Agriculture John Ikerd
    • 6.4 Facebook: The Sorry Company Dean Baker
    • 6.5 A Flying Public Finally Erupts Sam Pizzigati
  • Chapter 7—Labor, Unions, and Working Conditions
    • 7.1 The Trump Supply Chain and the Art of the Sweatshop John Miller
    • 7.2 What are the effects of a $15/hour Federal Minimum Wage? Arthur MacEwan
    • 7.3 Why Janus Matters Gerald Friedman
    • 7.4 Will AI Mean Massive Job Loss? Arthur MacEwan
    • 7.5 What's Behind the Teachers' Strikes Ellen David Friedman
  • Chapter 8—Poverty and Wealth
    • 8.1 Pay No Attention to the Inequality Behind the Curtain! John Miller
    • 8.2 How Rich Would Bill Gates Be Without His Copyright on Windows? Dean Baker
    • 8.3 What Is U.S. Workers' Income Share? Arthur MacEwan
    • 8.4 What Happened to the Working Class? Martin Oppenheimer
    • 8.5 Global Inequality Arthur MacEwan
  • Chapter 9—Race, Gender, and Class
    • 9.1 The Economics of Whitelash John Miller
    • 9.2 Trump and the Wages of Whiteness Zoe Sherman
    • 9.3 Why We All Need Affirmative ActionJeannette Wicks-Lim
    • 9.4 "Equal Pay" Is Not So Equal John Miller
    • 9.5 #MeToo in the Hospitality Sector Ellen Mutari
  • Chapter 10—The Global Economy
    • 10.1 Beyond Trump's Tariffs and Trade War John Miller
    • 10.2 Military Spending in the Swampland James M. Cypher
    • 10.3 Understanding Brexit John Weeks
    • 10.4 Trump's Reality TV Trade Deal (NAFTA) Dean Baker
    • 10.5 What Would a Progressive Trade Policy Look Like? Arthur MacEwan
  • Chapter 11—Migration
    • 11.1 "Migration Is a Way of Fighting Back" David Bacon
    • 11.2 Walled Off from Reality John Miller
    • 11.3 What Are the Economic Costs of Puerto Rico's Crisis? Arthur MacEwan
    • 11.4 Europe's Refugee "Crisis" Jayati Ghosh
    • 11.4 Nativism: As American as (Rotten) Apple Pie Gerald Friedman
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