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September/October 2007

Annual Labor Issue

Issue 272

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    Starting on the Shop Floor

    An interview with Susan Helper

    UAW membership is now below 600,000; Chrysler has been acquired by a private-equity firm; parts manufacturers have filed for bankruptcy protection. In this context of turmoil and loss of labor power, we turned to economist Sue Helper for an in-depth perspective on the industry and its workers. Read more »

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    Iraqi Workers Strike to Keep their Oil

    By David Bacon

    The Bush administration has no love for unions anywhere, but in Iraq it has a special reason for hating them. They are the main opposition to the occupation's economic agenda, and the biggest obstacle to that agenda’s centerpiece—the privatization of Iraq's oil. | Read more »

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    Dropkick Murphys: Friends to the Working Class

    By Paul Piwko and Sarah Bromley

    Smart. Aggressive. In your face. Committed to economic justice. These words describe an effective union organizer; they also describe the no-nonsense punk rock band Dropkick Murphys, a true friend of organized labor. Read more »

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    The KatrinaRitaVille Express Tour

    By Derrick Evans

    Activists take a FEMA trailer on the road—toxins and all—in a novel campaign to reframe the public discussion of Gulf Coast reconstruction by amplifying the voices of survivors. Read more »

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    Access to Paid Sick Days

    By Elise Gould

    Workers at the bottom of the wage scale, those making less than $7.38 an hour, are five times less likely to have sick days than workers at the top of the scale. Read more »

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    Lazy Man's Labor Policy

    By Larry Peterson

    U.S. labor law had been largely gutted long before Bush ever took office, under both Democratic and Republican administrations. So labor issues were never high on this administration's agenda; the administration has not had to be proactive in getting its way in this area precisely because enforceable labor law effectively ceased to function some time ago. | Order this issue or subscribe.

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    Up Against the Charros and the Changarros

    By Chris Tilly and Marie Kennedy

    Despite labor laws that look great on paper, job quality in Mexico has stagnated and in some ways worsened. The charro (cowboy) unions, as critics dub the "official," government-linked labor associations, deliver little for workers. And increasing numbers of Mexicans fall outside the scope of the law altogether, because instead of having chambas (jobs), they have changarros (self-employment or marginal employment in a kaleidoscopic range of microbusinesses and hustles). | Order this issue or subscribe.

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    Women of NAFTA

    By Martha A. Ojeda, Felicitas Contreras, and Yolanda Treviño

    Excerpts from the outstanding collection NAFTA From Below: Maquiladora Workers, Farmers, and Indigenous Communities Speak Out on the Impact of Free Trade in Mexico. | Order this issue or subscribe.

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    Outsized Offshore Outsourcing

    By John Miller

    Accelerated offshore outsourcing, the shipping of jobs overseas to take advantage of low wages, has forced some mainstream economists and some elements of the business press to have second thoughts about "free trade." | Order this issue or subscribe.

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