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November/December 2009

35th Anniversary Issue

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    Thirty-Five Years of Economic Indicators

    By Katherine Faherty and Alejandro Reuss

    A look back at key economic indicators from 1974, the year that Dollars & Sense was founded, until today. Read more »

  • gas line in the '70s

    That ’70s Crisis

    By Alejandro Reuss

    What can the crisis of U.S. capitalism in the 1970s teach us about the current crisis and its possible outcomes? Read more »

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    Have the Rich Won?

    By Sam Pizzigati | October 28th

    Today’s super rich are doing fantastically better, both before and after taxes, than when D&S was founded 35 years ago. In 2006, the top 400 averaged an astounding $263 million each in income, and paid just just 17.2% of their incomes in federal tax. Read more »

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    35th Anniversary Retrospective

    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Recession

    By the D&S Collective | December 1979

    A friend once told us that when he first took economics courses, he thought the constant discussion of “the Fed” referred to people who had enough to eat. He kept waiting to hear about “the Unfed.” If he had been starting economics this semester, he could easily have gone on to conclude that the Fed’s goal is to increase the ranks of the Unfed. Read more »

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  • Putting the “Global” in the Global Economic Crisis

    By Smriti Rao

    We now know what crisis looks like in the age of globalization, and it is not pretty. | Order this issue or subscribe.

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