The Wealth Inequality Reader

Wealth Inequality Reader cover
Date of publication:
December 2012

The Wealth Inequality Reader, 4th edition:

  • Preface
  • Introduction: Wealth Inequality by the Numbers
    • The Wealth Pie
    • What Is Wealth?
    • The Super-Rich
    • The Owning Class
    • The Median and Its Variance
    • The Wealthless
    • The Squeezed Middle
    • Class Mobility
    • The Owning Class
    • The Racial Wealth Gap
    • Women's Wealth
    • World Wide Wealth
  • Section I: The Causes of Inequality
    • Inequality, Power, and Ideology Arthur MacEwan
    • The Undeserving Rich Gar Alperovitz and Lew Daly
    • Have the Rich Won? Sam Pizzigati
    • How the Rules Got Rigged Chuck Collins
    • Nearly $2 Trillion Purloined from U.S. Workers in 2009James M. Cypher
    • Corporate Profits Leak Through Loopholes John Miller
    • Property: Who Has a Right to What and Why? Arthur MacEwan
    • The Homeownership Myth Howard Karger
    • Persistent and Pernicious: The Racial Wealth Gap Meizhu Lui
    • Women and Wealth: A Primer Amy Gluckman
    • Different Anti-Poverty Programs, Same Single-Mother Poverty Randy Albelda
    • Capitalism Hits the Fan Rick Wolff
  • Section II: The Consequences of Inequality
    • Slicing Up at the Long Barbeque James M. Cypher
    • Geese, Golden Eggs, and Traps: Why Inequality Is Bad for the Economy Chris Tilly
    • Madison Avenue Declares ‘Mass Affluence’ Over Sam Pizzigati
    • Tax Cuts and Economic Growth Arthur MacEwan
    • Taxes and Transparency: Our Opaque Opulent Sam Pizzigati
    • Who Gets Those Trillions? Arthur MacEwan
    • The Great Recession in Black Wealth Jeannette Wicks-Lim
    • Inequality: Bad for Your Health An Interview with Ichiro Kawachi
    • Swedes, Equality, and Suicides Sam Pizzigati
  • Section III: Strategies for Change
    • Tax Wealth: Great Political Economists and Andrew Carnegie Agree John Miller
    • Tax Wealth to Broaden Wealth Chuck Collins and Dedrick Muhammad
    • A New WPA? Ryan A. Dodd
    • How High Could the Minimum Wage Go? Jeannette Wicks–Lim
    • A Bold New Labor Call for a ‘Maximum Wage’ Sam Pizzigati
    • Bail Out the Safety Net Randy Albelda
    • Closing the Racial Wealth Gap for the Next Generation Meizhu Lui
    • The Land Trust Solution Michelle Sheehan
    • No More Savings! The Case for Social Wealth Ellen Frank
    • Sharing the Wealth of the Commons Peter Barnes
    • An Anti-Poverty Authority Changes His Mind Sam Pizzigati
    • The 99%, the 1%, and Class Struggle Alejandro Reuss
    • Turning Towards Solutions Richard D. Wolff
    • Why Greater Equality Strengthens Society Sam Pizzigati
  • Contributors