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November/December 1997

Issue 214


  • Economy in Review: The European Monetary Union

    Dorene Isenburg

    Greenspan's Federal Reserve Writ Large

  • Can Coops Go Global?

    Tim Huet

    Mondragon Is Trying

  • Global Warming: How Big Business Controls the Debate

    David Levy

    Not To worry, Say Business Lobbyists

  • Can We Afford to Stop Global Warming?

    Marc Breslow

  • More Wealth For The Wealthy

    John Miller

    The Estate Tax Giveaway And What To Do About It

  • Solutions For Cities: 'High Road' Job Creation

    Archon Fung and Joel Rogers

    The New Party's Urban Agenda

  • The Community Reinvestment Act

    Jim Campen

    A Law That Works

the regulars

  • the short run Time to Mutiny on Bounty Hunters
  • letters Working Assets Talks Back
  • active cultureCulture Jammers
  • comment Jim Hightower on Class War
  • making sense Diary of the Second Zapatista Encuentro | A Contract Worth Fighting For
  • ask dr. dollar Who gains From the Capital Gains Tax?
  • in review Divided Planet: The Ecology of Rich and Poor | Let Them Eat Ketchup: The Politics of Poverty and Inequality
  • economy in numbers Tax Cuts: Clinton and Congress Feed the Wealthy