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September/October 1998

Issue 219

Special Labor Issue: A Co-Production of Dollars & Sense and Grassroots Economic Organizer (GEO) Newsletter


  • The 'Natural Rate' of Unemployment

    Robert Pollin

    It's All About Class Conflict

  • Rank and File Teamsters Fight for Labor's Future

    Dan La Botz

  • How Yale Workers Defied Union Busting

    Andrea Cole

  • 'A Dialogue about Capitalism

    The AFL-CIO's Bill Fletcher Speaks His Mind

  • Special Section: Workplace Democracy (in Collaboration with GEO)

    • Worker Ownership's Uncertain Future

      Len Krimerman

      Lessons From Two Decades of Trials

    • Rustbelt Buyouts

      John Logue

      Why Ohio Leads in Worker Ownership

    • Democracy in Steel

      A Conversation with Mike Locker

    • Organizing a Childcare Union in Philadelphia

      Peter Pitegoff

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