The Wealth Inequality Reader

Wealth Inequality Reader cover
Date of publication:
December 2012

The Wealth Inequality Reader is an essential guide to wealth and poverty in the United States and globally. The fourth edition features the latest statistics on wealth and inequality, analysis of the role of wealth inequality in the current economic crisis, and new strategies for change.

A lively, thought-provoking supplement for classes in economic distribution, inequality, social problems, political economy, economic geography, and other disciplines, this book is a must-have for both activists and scholars.

Edited by Linda Pinkow, Sam Pizzigati, and the Dollars & Sense Collective, with a new preface by Chuck Collins.

Contributors include: Randy Albelda, Sylvia Allegretto, Gar Alperovitz, Peter Barnes, James Cypher, Howard Karger, Meizhu Lui, Arthur MacEwan, Richard D. Wolff, and many others.

"The Wealth Inequality Reader is a wonderful resource and a marvelous teaching tool. It should be required reading for students of economics and politics. Indeed, it should be required reading for anyone who aspires to understand the basics of the US economy. I recommend it with enthusiasm." —TIM KOECHLIN, Vassar College

"My students in Social Inequality were pleasantly surprised at The Wealth Inequality Reader. Most were expecting dry and dusty traditional texts. They were also impressed with the timeliness of the articles, and the emphasis on wealth, rather than income."
   — ROBERT E. PARKER, University of Nevada–Las Vegas.