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January/February 2011

  • Banking on fraud thumb

    Still Banking on Fraud

    By William K. Black

    The Dodd-Frank banking reform and other responses to the financial crisis fail to address the “control fraud” that caused the crisis. Read more »

  • Skills or job deficit thumb

    A Jobs Deficit or a Skills Deficit?

    By John Miller and Jeannette Wicks-Lim | January 4th

    Politicians, journalists, and economists are trying to reframe a severe jobs crunch as a problem of workers’ inadequate skills. Read more »

  • Dr. Dollar

    Why Do They Oppose More Stimulus?

    By Arthur MacEwan | December 14th

    Dear Dr. Dollar: Why are conservatives, especially wealthy conservatives, against stimulating the economy through deficit spending? Don’t businesses’ profits and the incomes of the wealthy depend on economic growth? Read more »

  • Help Wanted

    The Jobs Crisis and the Art of Flexible Labor

    By Dan DiMaggio | October 18th

    The bizarre experience that over 500 other workers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area had recently sheds some light on the growing expectations of absolute “flexibility” if you want a job. Read more »

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  • Keynesianism thumb

    Beyond Keynesianism

    By James M. Cypher

    Irving Fisher’s Depression-era debt-deflation theory, then and now. | Order this issue or subscribe.

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