Dollars & Sense is a non-profit publisher that produces the bi-monthly magazine Dollars & Sense and the Real World college textbook series and other readers.

About Dollars & Sense Magazine

Dollars & Sense publishes economic news and analysis, reports on economic justice activism, primers on economic topics, and critiques of the mainstream media's coverage of the economy. Our readers include professors, students, and activists who value our smart and accessible economic coverage.

About Dollars & Sense Books

Dollars & Sense publishes anthologies and textbooks that explain the workings of the national and global economies to a new generation. D&S books are used by thousands of college students every year. Unlike mainstream economics texts, D&S books offer clearly–written information and analyses that place economics in the context of real life, questioning the assumptions of mainstream academic theories and empowering people to think about alternatives to the prevailing system. Suitable for students, professors, journalists, activists, and the general public, D&S books cover a wide variety of economic topics that are timely and particularly relevant in the current economic climate.

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