Bookstore Orders and Return Policies

How to Order

Bookstores can order by telephone at (617) 447-2177, by fax to (617) 447-2179, or .


Bookstores pay for shipping and handling. Unless you specify otherwise in your order, we ship via UPS ground.


Please send all payments to:
Dollars & Sense
89 South St., LL02
Boston, MA 02111
Please note our new address, as of June 2016.

Payment Terms

Follett and Barnes & Noble stores must pre-pay. For all others, payments are due 30 days from the invoice date.
There will be a $25 fee for all returned checks.
For information about our bookstore and wholesaler discounts, please call (617) 447-2177, or .

Late Fees and Penalties

Failure to pay an invoice in full within 30 days will result in a 10% annual late fee. Bookstores with invoices more than 60 days past due may be asked to pre-pay for future orders.

Using Credit Memos

We consider credit memos a benefit to repeat customers, who may use credits to reduce payment on future orders.
Please do not disregard our 30-day invoice terms in order to wait for a credit memo. Our invoice terms are 30 days, firm, and we will withhold credit on returns from bookstores with past due invoices until the invoices are paid.
All credit memos claimed on a payment must be cited by our credit memo number. If you claim a credit without citing our credit memo number, we will NOT honor the claim, and we will begin applying, from the date of the payment, the standard late fee to the outstanding balance.
Credit memos are good for one year. Credit memos are not redeemable for cash. Please do not send requests for cash or check payment of a credit balance; we will not respond to such requests.
Credit memos may only be applied to purchases from the bookstore that made the original purchase.
Please read our complete Credit Memo Terms below.

Requesting Invoices

If you are missing an invoice or credit memo, please call our office at (617) 447-2177, or .


Please note: We do not accept any returns from individuals, wholesalers, or resellers. All return shipments must include proof of permission to return.

Incorrect or Defective Shipments

Incorrect titles or defective books may be returned for replacement or credit if the request to return is communicated within 30 days of the order date.

Short Shipment or Non-Delivery

Claims involving short shipment or non-delivery must be communicated within 30 days of the order date. We will replace the missing books or issue credit for them.

Returns of Properly Delivered Books

Books may be returned, under the conditions listed below, for a credit memo that can be used on future purchases from Dollars & Sense. Please see our Credit Memo Terms and the Using Credit Memos section.

Requesting Permission to Return

Permission to return must be requested and granted in advance. If you return books without requesting and receiving permission, we will NOT grant credit. To receive permission:

  • Books must be current edition.
  • Requests must be received within 180 days of invoice date.
  • To submit your return request, please , or fax us at (617) 447-2179. Requests must include the following information: date of request, date of invoice, invoice number, title, edition, ISBN, quantity to be returned, reason for return, your mailing address, phone number, fax number, and email address. We may respond by email or fax, so please include both your email address and fax number (if available).

    Once you have received permission, ship the books and a copy of the approval to:
    Dollars & Sense
    95 Berkeley St., Suite 305
    Boston, MA 02116
    Please note our new address, as of July 2015.

    Receiving Credit

    To receive credit:

  • Bookstores must include proof of permission to return in their shipments.
  • Books must arrive in good, saleable condition (e.g., no stickers, marks, scratches, or other signs of wear).
  • Restocking Fee

    Bookstores that return books under these conditions will receive a credit memo for 95% of the value of the books; we retain 5% of the value of the entire shipment (quantity received at the bookstore discount price) as a restocking fee.

    Return of Books Not Credited

    Books that are not credited will only be returned to you if you request this within 30 days of receiving your credit memo. If you request that we return the books that we did not credit, you will be responsible for the return shipping charges.

    Credit Memo Terms

    Credit memos are good for one year. Credit memos are not redeemable for cash. Please do not send requests for cash or check payment of a credit balance; we will not respond to such requests.

    Using Your Credit

    Before claiming a credit memo in a payment, please see Using Credit Memos, above.